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$1.00+ for 1 month(s)

Aliens, they mostly spectate waiting for the right moment to attack!

  • Access to patron-only Feed
  • Access to the episode when the next is released e.g.(access to ep.2 when ep.3 is released) 

Every little helps!

Thank you!


$5.00+ for 1 month(s)

Yetis are not that rare in Patreons NSFW area...

- Access to the game 2 weeksafter the initial release

- Occasional gifts

 Thank you for your support! 


$10.00+ for 1 month(s)

  • Access to the game at Release!
  • Game Walk-through
  • Ability to Vote for major decisions
  • Sneak-pics
  • A Ultra HD picture of a character every month!


$25.00+ for 1 month(s)

  • Access to back-story 
  • Access in Nancy's Dream scenes... 
  • Vote for Hardcore dream scenes and back story scenes exclusive only to you!
  • And many more monthly Mini Gifts e.g. Photos and Animations