NoesisAndNoema are creating Torrid Affairs

Choose your reward & unlock posts

Rush donation.

$5.00+ for 1 month(s)

Just a few dollars more, short or long-term, for helping to rush my pace, along the development path.

Vote access!

$6.00+ for 1 month(s)

While sustained, at this level, you will have a direct voice in the development process. Keeping in mind that I have limitations, and some things just can't be done. However, I should be able to let you know, with each request.

Push donation.

$7.00+ for 1 month(s)

Unlike the "Rush donation", this one offers an ear to whisper into. Your vote, in essence, is counted 200%, or twice.

Bronze donor.

$8.00+ for 1 month(s)

Much appreciated, for those willing to spare the finances for my daily fast-food value-menu items. I promise, I will also recycle, when presented with a recycling-bin.

Silver donor.

$9.00+ for 1 month(s)

Much, much more appreciated! Super-size isn't my thing, but I may spring for adding a slice of bacon to my burger, chicken or fish... Well, maybe not the fish!

Gold donor.

$10.00+ for 1 month(s)

Much, much, much more appreciated. Are you trying to make me gain weight? Honestly, I eat like a bird. I am going to have to pick-up an addiction... Perhaps I'll get a crazy-expensive cup of coffee with the extra $3 over the push donation.


$15.00+ for 1 month(s)

Just adding this for those who may want to offer a lump-sum donation that is reasonable for this quality of game.

Borderline insanity.

$20.00+ for 1 month(s)

Come, my followers... Let me lead you into my world, beyond the darkness of closed eyes!

Certified insanity.

$25.00+ for 1 month(s)

Top bunk or bottom? Remember, it's hard climbing a ladder in a tight-jacket!

Re-certified insane!

$30.00+ for 1 month(s)

Oh, the comforts of padded cells... You just can't get that in the wild... The cat came back, the very next day...

Featured cameo!

$40.00+ for 1 month(s)

This is a special level. You will be featured within the game itself, as a 3D model, or in spirit...


* You can remain anonymous, if you wish.

Built-in MODS...

$50.00+ for 1 month(s)

This is required, for each inclusion that demands new modifications to the game. This is ONLY for developers of MODS.


This is NOT required for non-included MODS, unless they demand source-code edits.

Source rights.

$100.00+ for 1 month(s)

Full rights to the source-code use.


Your creation, or MOD, may also be cross-linked or featured here. This is only expected to be a one-time tier donation, not a monthly donation, or per-update.

Assisted development.

$500.00+ for 1 month(s)

Need help with your visual-novel? I can spare some time, for a price.


I can almost guarantee that you will get more than you paid for. The more I enjoy my work, the more you will get. I have no bounds, when it comes to art. As long as it is legal.

My Nigerian Prince!

$9,999.00+ for 1 month(s)

I knew those e-mails weren't fake... Here I am! Waiting for my first payment!

GOX, bitcoin loss compensation.

$100,000.00+ for 1 month(s)

That isn't Chinese-Yuan!