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Some Features

We worked on an amazing combination of vast functionality and user comfort. Adult Pledge will totally impress you with its power!

High Profits

No other crowdfunding site offers 100% of funds from supporters to creators. Yes, you read it right! No intermediary fees, no payment processing fees, no conversion fees and no VAT.

Creative Freedom

We provide creative freedom to all! As you're not dependent on payment processors you don't need to worry to be shut down without any reason in the future.

Futuristic Payments

No more worries sharing your credit / debit cards information online. Forget about it and say hello to the money of the future.

The others

Payment processing fees 5%

Conversion fees 5%

Upkeep 5%

VAT 20%

Creator keeps 65%

Adult Pledge

Payment processing fees 0%

Conversion fees 0%

Upkeep 0%

VAT 0%

Creator keeps 100%