Allowed Content-Updated

There Seems to be some confusion on which types of content we allow on Adult Pledge. We allow almost everything*  

Only things we can't allow is Real People porn( US laws on this type of content are very complex to be In compliance with.), No Underage content Real or Simulated. Also, No Political or Religious related projects or fundraising as that can be a distraction from Main Mission and in some cases more of a minefield then adult content. 18+ is the legal age in the majority of the world and under US law. We designed the site for Adult Game developers mainly also writers, animators, and CG makers. In other words Fictional Content. As we can get legal clearance to allow more type including Real porn. 

Right now our site here is still in Beta. We have a lot of plans for building out the site and offering more features for both Creators and Pledgers. As creators ourselves we want to earn your trust and offer services to help other creators create and grow   

Also any Questions you have feel free to ask below or send to [email protected]  I will try to answer them as best as I can 


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