Last updated: February 1, 2019

How Do Payments Work on Adult Pledge?

All payments on our platform are done exclusively using the cryptocurrency called Nano.

Why Nano? Well, we’ve made in-depth review of all available cryptocurrencies on the market which can provide secure (Red4Sec Security Audit), feeless, fast and scalable transactions. And only cryptocurrency which was meeting all of the previous mentioned criteria was cryptocurrency Nano.

Payments are settled using third party payment provider called Brainblocks. All pledges for the rewards are published on the site in $ values and denominated to current market value of Nano at the time of payment. The payment is checked which usually take few seconds, however in rare occasions it can take few minutes. If the amount is lower than the amount requested, the amount is automatically returned in full amount and payment is canceled. On the other hand, if the payment is higher than amount requested, the remainder will be returned and payment is successful.

Funds go directly from supporters to creators without any intermediary fees, therefore creators receive 100% of pledged funds.

How to buy Nano?

At the time of the writing there are generally two ways to buy the Nano.


1) Using debit/credit card via Wirexapp

This is currently fastest and easiest way to obtain Nano. Before you go through registration and verification process, which might take few minutes, check the list of countries which are supported. There need to be green checkout mark for "Top up with Local card" in order for you to be able to buy Nano using your debit/credit card.

You can register directly with your phone (Android or IOS) by downloading the "Wirex" app from Apple store or Google Play or using your desktop computer using the site

After registering your account using your email address and setting up memorable word, you need to go through one-time automatic verification process, which should take maximum few minutes. Then you need to link your debit/credit card with the Wirex app in order for you to be able to buy the Nano.

Buying Nano is pretty straightforward and transaction itself should take few seconds, you just need to click on Nano icon within the app, click add funds and choose one of your linked credit/debit cards. There is traditional fee of credit card processors of 3% associated with the transaction and there’s also minimum amount of approx. 25$ for one purchase. However, once you receive your Nano there are absolutely no fees to use it further and all transactions are instant.

To use the acquired Nano on our site, just find the creator you want to support, choose your reward and click on subscribe button to pay with Nano. Open your Wirex app, click on “send”, scan the QR code and write the exact amount displayed and you’re done.


2) Setting up cryptocurrency exchange account

Unfortunately, other than Wirex app option above, there is currently not a way to buy Nano directly from fiat (i. e. EUR, USD, CAD etc.) currency with you credit/debit card. This is the case with most cryptocurrencies. The ‘gateway’ currency is primarily Bitcoin. You will need to get your hands on it first.

You will need to sign up for an exchange that will sell you Bitcoin in return for your fiat currency (please note that only certain fiat currencies are supported). Some examples of most secure and reputable exchanges you can find here. Registration is usually quick, however many exchanges have Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, and you may be required to provide a form of ID, such as a passport, driver’s license, or national ID.

We recommend Coinbase as it is most reputable, it has fastest Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure, it has 3 fiat pairs (EUR, USD and GBP) and you can buy Bitcoin using Coinbase Pro (previously Gdax) for as low as 0,15% trading fee.

Once you have secured your Bitcoin register to an exchange that offers Nano. Most reputable and secure exchange is Binance. Send your Bitcoin to your account in Binance. Once the transfer is complete, you will then be able to trade for Nano.

Here you can find youtube channel with video series with these exact steps.

Video 1 (How to set up account on Coinbase)

Video 2 (How to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase free)

Video 3 (How to send Bitcoin to Binance)

Video 4 (How to trade on Binance)

How to sell Nano?

Well, ultimate goal is that you don’t have to sell Nano, but you can directly use it to buy goods and services. However, if that’s not yet possible selling Nano is pretty much the same process as buying, just in reverse.

Once your Nano are on the exchange, sell it for Bitcoin (or another fiat-paired cryptocurrency) and send them to your crypto/fiat gateway. Finally, sell your Bitcoin/crypto for fiat, transfer the money to your bank account, and you are done!

More information can be found on the Nano subreddit.

How to store and pay with Nano?

Once you have acquired Nano on cryptocurrency exchange you can withdraw your money to you your wallet (you can find list of available wallets for Nano here) or keep Nano on Binance exchange and make desired payment directly from here by withdrawing Nano to the account shown on our site after you have pledged.

Main differences are that each withdrawal from Binance costs currently 0.01 Nano (i.e. less than 1 cent) and payment from your own wallet is free. Also storing your cryptocurrency in your own wallet installed on computer or mobile phone is generally more secure.

Disclaimer: The Adult Pledge team does not work with any of the web sites listed above. Nano, just like any other cryptocurrency is highly volatile.