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Babysitters version 0.0.2: July 2019

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0.0.1b(for $5+ Supporters)





Guys, join us on Discord here!

Having trouble with the latest build? Want to give feedback and interact with the team? Interested in exclusive contests? Want to check out some special events or features? Or do you just want to sit back and chat with the development team and fellow fans our games? If so, then join our Discord channel! Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you there!
It’s open to everyone!


Welcome guys!


I would like to welcome you to our Adult pledge page! My nickname is T4bbo and one thing is sure I love playing adult games! I played almost all of them available...


However, recently I realised that frequency of those which I really enjoyed playing was rather low. Therefore I decided to try to create one on my own and I really hope I will do my best to improve these statistics for you. And maybe once we can together change this one-man show into an brand new adult game studio.


Screenshots from the game



$0.01+ for 1 month(s)

- Access to the Adult Pledge-only feed to receive information about current progress  of games!

Yes, it is possible for you to donate only one cent! Ubelievable!

$5.00+ for 1 month(s)

- You get all the previous tier rewards!

- Possibility to vote on upcoming game content through discord polls! 

- Access to the newest version of games 2 days after release!

- Bi-weekly  special 4K Ultra HD image of voted character!

- Bi-weekly animation from latest version of the game!

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$20.00+ for 1 month(s)

- You get all the previous tier rewards!

- Package of all the new images included in the new version!

- Access to hardcore scenes preview of future releases!

- Get access to newest version as soon as released!