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With this goal we should be able to comfortably make games with little worry. Especially on this site!

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La Cucaracha Studios is a veteran owned and operated game studio with a strong interest in creating sexy visual novels. 

Our first game is Make Love not Waagh!(Dowload here) 
(Here's a sample of what happens in the game)

A Romantic FREE Kinetic Visual Novel available to play right now! The story follows a romantic rendezvous with an orc woman! We would like to fund replacing some backgrounds and fixing a few sprite issues. But the game itself is done. 

For upcoming projects we have:(All are R18+)

The Sanctum
The Sanctum will take place in the same setting as Make Love Not Waagh! However, as opposed to being a kinetic visual novel, The Sanctum will be a management simulator where you run a gentlemen's club with a very special "back room". You'll meet girls from high fantasy races in a modern setting.

(Artwork to be released soon!)

Omega Girls
Our largest and longest running project, Omega Girls is a substantial multi-route VN inspired by classic comic books. Full of action and romance, the story involves becoming tangled up with a group of powerful and sexy superhero women.

We fully appreciate your support, and every penny you pledge to us will be put towards the production of our games. Right now, as it's early days, we apologise if the frequency and availability of builds and other rewards isn't ideal. However, that will change soon, as production speeds up and we're able to offer builds of games - and every cent earnt here will mean more time our staff can spend working.



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