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When this goal is reached, I will upgrade my computer so I can render faster and in even better quality. 

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When this goal is reached, I will hire part timers to help me with the production of games. (Story writers, coders)

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When this goal is reached, a full-time artist will be hired to render and create images with me. At this point I will hopefully make "Naughty Games" a proper company!!!

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Let's not make big dreams for the time being... When this goal is achieved, more goals will be added and "Naughty Games" will expand even more. Every dollar will be invested in the production of the games!

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We are Rocco and Jim. We started this page to find people who want to support us produce adult games.

Find the latest updates here: 

Episode 4: HERE 

Episode 3: HERE

Mini-games: HERE


Why Pledge?

By pledging any amount you are helping us do what we do, buy stuff which will help us improve the graphics of the game and the speed of production. 
But also in return you are getting awesome rewards and our eternal gratitude!  

Hopefully, one day, with your help we will be able to transform this, from a two-man project into a full-fledged adult game studio. And we will fill your lives with JOY!



We are currently working on "The Spellbook". An adult visual novel with choices that influence game-play. It is easy to play, with lot's of action and humor. Try it for free by pressing the link above.

Join our Discord and stay in touch with us!



  • Voyeurism
  • Corruption
  • MILF
  • Blowjob
  • Anal
  • Feet
  • Gangbang
  • Love
  • Cheating
  • NTR
  • Sharing
  • And many more...



A very small and modest preview...


Special thanks  Wintercraft Beats for his amazing music!

Disclaimer : All characters in-game are 18+ 


Chapter 3

Here it is guys! 

In this episode we have focused in the quality of everything that is involved in the game... We added many new features and little details :D

Win: here 

Mac: here 

Linux: here 

Don't forget the Walk-through in the attachments below!

With love,

Jim and Rocco

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The Black Mafia

Hey guys!

The next mini-game is here I tried to put all the content you guys voted for! (NTR-spy/cuckold/humiliation... and more)

It is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

By the way, Episode 3 is at 80% completion... We believe that within this week we will publish it!

With love,

Jim and Rocco

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Episode 2

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 (v. is now officially finished, this link includes «Call the cops » route!

With more than 350+ renders and 4 animations... A good upgrade from Chapter 1 I believe, which was 150 renders and 0 animations!

Windows: HERE 

Linux: HERE 

Mac: HERE 

Save system is now fixed.

Thank you for your support,

Jim and Rocco

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$1.00+ for 1 month(s)

Aliens, they mostly spectate waiting for the right moment to attack!

  • Access to patron-only Feed
  • Access to the episode when the next is released e.g.(access to ep.2 when ep.3 is released) 

Every little helps!

Thank you!

$5.00+ for 1 month(s)

Yetis are not that rare in Patreons NSFW area...

- Access to the game 2 weeksafter the initial release

- Occasional gifts

 Thank you for your support! 

$10.00+ for 1 month(s)
  • Access to the game at Release!
  • Game Walk-through
  • Ability to Vote for major decisions
  • Sneak-pics
  • A Ultra HD picture of a character every month!
$25.00+ for 1 month(s)
  • Access to back-story 
  • Access in Nancy's Dream scenes... 
  • Vote for Hardcore dream scenes and back story scenes exclusive only to you!
  • And many more monthly Mini Gifts e.g. Photos and Animations